Dancing with the Dragon

Dancing the Dream

Credits for the photos are below.

First post, and I have no idea where it’s gonna go, so bear with me. I started to use the Black Dragon viewer for my Second Life photography not long ago, and while I’ve not managed to master using it as my daily driver for SL, I gotta say it’s definitely become my go to viewer for photography!

When I say I’ve not managed to master it as a daily driver, I don’t mean that the controls are off putting, or the iterface is to confusing, which granted, it can be on that first look around, but there are plenty of videos and sites that hep, and it’s worth digging in before just giving up because it’s not firestorm! No, what I mean is that it’s a little heavy on my system for general stuff like socialising, shopping, and events are almost impossible, maybe I’ll find a balance between sl looking awesome, and being useable one day soon.

As you can imagine when I started to experiment I went a bit crazy taking pics, gathering all my poses together and just snapping my way through them, sometimes taking 10 to 20 shots at a time, but doing that kind of thing I quickly learned was not the best way to take photos in Black Dragon. Plus I kind of shot myself in the foot. Photographing like this killed my inspiration. I have over 700 static poses in my collection and I was starting to struggle to find ways to make photos interesting with them,

Dancing the Dream

Now you’ll notice, I found some inspiration, but none of these photos were taken with static poses. They were actually taken using free dance animations and with the help of how excellently Black Dragon handles animations. There’s a bit of a track to this which I’ll go into detail in a later post, don’t want to make this too long winded, which it’s already gotten, sorry.

Ok here’s the credits:

  • Maitreya Lara 3.5 – Teleport
  • Genus Baby Face – Teleport
  • DeeTaleZ Skin Summer for GENUS HEADS – Teleport
  • Dura Game05 Hair – Teleport
  • Rust Republic Bodysuit and Skirt – Marketplace
  • [FORMANAILS] Accessories for Maitreya Bento – RINGS SIMPLE – Teleport
  • Blueberry – Georgina – Group Gift – Work Out Shoes – Teleport
  • Poses are all custom from free dance animations
  • Backdrop Ballet from La Otra Puerta – Marketplace
Dancing the Dream

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